Race date Sunday 29 September 2024
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Guidance for parents

Children's bodies are still developing and so they are more prone to some problems during prolonged exercise. They may get exhausted more easily, they do dehydrate more easily. They suffer from the cold more in cold weather, and the heat more in hot weather. Also, children develop at different rates so a four mile run might be a doddle for one 10 year old and a really unpleasant struggle for another 10 year old though they might both become equally good runners at 16. This is one reason why it is impossible to have sensible and precise age limits.

Do not let your child run if they are ill or injured.
Think carefully if the weather is particularly hot or cold on the day
It is important to have plenty of water in the hour or so before the start and during the race if there is a drink station.
Check that your child's clothes are comfortable and warm (or cool) enough for the conditions.

Your child does not need 'state of the art' running shoes, but they must be a good fit. Shoes either too big or too small may cause blisters or other foot injury.


This can be frightening to a child who hasn't had one before. It's probably a good idea to explain that it is nothing to worry about and it will pass off after walking for a bit.

During the run

Make sure your child walks or rests if they feel exhausted and do not hesitate to ask a marshall for help.