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Closing date Monday 5 April 2021
Online registration closes in 14 days! 14 days left to enter!
Forest Fool Half Marathon entrant list

The names of the people that have already registered are listed below.

The total number of entrants currently stands at 15.

Name Entered on Reported Time
Andrea Bale 07-Feb-21 -
Alan Cottle 08-Mar-21 -
Chris Douglas 02-Feb-21 -
Julia Evans 07-Feb-21 -
Rob Fisher 26-Feb-21 -
Mathew Godfrey 04-Feb-21 -
Chris Hammersley 26-Feb-21 -
Kerry Howells 07-Feb-21 -
Peter Hyndman 07-Mar-21 -
Pete Jones 07-Feb-21 -
Laurana Milliner 17-Feb-21 -
Claire Morgan 07-Feb-21 -
Robin Sheehan 04-Mar-21 -
Joanne Webb 07-Feb-21 -
Joanne Webb 03-Mar-21 -