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Race date Sunday 18 March 2018
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Race reviews

The following are a selection of comments we have received from people who either watched or ran in the 2017 event, along with any follow up responses from the Race Director:

If you'd like to add a review of your own, please let us know what you thought of the event by sending us a tweet, an email, posting a comment on our Facebook page or writing a review on the reviews tab of the Rogue Racer results portal.

“Folks. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today. First time I’ve run the distance in 28 years. Great course. Lot’s of nice people looking after us and really well organised. Thank you….”

Dave Allan

“Just to say as I have not been to an event like this before and I was very impressed with the organisation of the race, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am already looking forward to my next one. A great day!”

James Teakle

“Brilliant day out. Well organised. Great route. Thank to all the marshalls and supporters on route .”

Diane Stacey

“Thoroughly enjoyed, well organised and lovely run. And thanks to all the marshalls who did a fantastic job.....even down to organiseing the queues to the toilets”

Paul Wilby-Davies

“Really well organised event, fab marshals, I just might do it again!”

Cazz Lansdown

“What a lovely location for a half marathon. I'll be back”

Emma Eabry

“Super marshals. Really helpful and smiley. Really struggled with cups of water though. More used to bottles or the snakes some runs use.”

Elizabeth Lockhart

“My first trail half, had an amazing time. The marshalling was brilliant. Great event.”

Simon Cox

“Thanks for a great well organised event many thanks to the marshals and all The supporters it was nice to see so many people out cheering people on”

Suzanne Peters

“Throughly enjoyed it, well organised and all the marshalls did a hell of a job, route was even better than I thought it was going”

Graham Bishop

“Thank you for a lovely, very well planned and organised run. Special thanks to the marshals for standing around in what was a chilly day for those not running.”

Nikki Hitchcock

“Fantastic event. A painfully brilliant course with great scenery. At least the tshirts were a reasonable price and quite nice. Brilliant marshalling and the woman marshalling the toilets was superb too. Cups of water was fine I thought if you just stop and drink it. Please cluck a few portaloos at the half way point in future just to reassure stress heads like me :-))”

“Only thing I cannot believe is people throwing used gel wrappers on the floor along the route - at the water station is fine but otherwise I can't believe people come to a beatifiul place to run then try to spoil it! Thanks for an awesome event.”

David Sinclair

“Thanks for excellent event, top course nice and challenging as usual and superb organisation and marshalling. Well done to all the runners”

David Jones

“Very scenic route and nicely challenging. Super marshaling too. Only complaint is that the second water station had run out of cups when we got to them meaning I had to share with someone else as I hadn't taken a bottle. Otherwise fab race.”

Shell Vaughan

“fab atmosphere, good organisation and a really beautiful course!! - thank you”

Paul Sanders

“Lovely place to run. Really well organised & great marshalls & spectators. Thank you!”

Alice Roythorne

“Just want to say the lady on the megaphone looking after the toilet queue rocked!! In/out no messing no massive wait like other events thank you! Oh and the rest of the marshals rocked too, great support all the way round. Thanks for a great event all round”

Val Sutton

“Loved every step (well almost). Brilliant event again and a big thanks to all the marshals for their support all the way around. See you next year”

Glen Meek

“A great event - loved the off road. it was a water hungry event nobody probably thought they'd be that thirsty on a day like today however most probably only needed half a cup. Great support all the way round in little pockets and a low fuss event!”

Andrea Gealer

“Great event, thanks to all the enthusiastic marshals on the course who gave well needed boosts throughout. EXCELLENT TOILETS!! Loved loved loved the ladies only loos, and the woman with the megaphone should be given a knighthood. I've never been in a better organised, faster moving toilet queue. Really well organised, scenic route, more challenging than I expected but that isn't a bad thing! Great parking right by the race village, well signposted. I do struggle with water cups as others have mentioned, but i can see why you would use them - it stops people jettisoning bottles into the undergrowth some distance from the water stops, and that's got to be a good thing. They're hard to drink from though and i got quite dehydrated. A water bottle at the end would have been good, as well as the lucozade - they just couldn't get the cups filled quickly enough. But overall a great event and one for the future (perhaps not whilst marathon training though!)”

Sarah Pryor

Thank you, the water is on our list

“My first half marathon for 7 years, and I thought the whole thing was fantastic. The marshals were great, the course was stunning and though u had read bad tho vs about the toilets last year, they were fab this year and the lady on the megaphone was superb!! Have already signed up for Autumn.. ...cant wait! Thank you to the organisers!”

Kath Linton